We Day Tour 2014

We Day Tour Seattle 2015 Jason McKinnon Lighting Design

The 2014 We Day Tour featured 15 shows across North America and the UK, and Electric Aura Projects’ Jason McKinnon was the lighting designer for the North American tour, and the production designer for the UK show.

“We Day is a stadium-sized educational and empowerment event that brings young people together with world leaders and entertainers to celebrate their ability to create change and to inspire another year of action.” – We Day website.

With an amazing roster of guest speakers and artists, with tour dates spanning 15 cities and across the Atlantic to the UK, it was humbling to be a part of this show. We have just added a new entry in our portfolio for the 2014 We Day Tour, and you can see it here

If you haven’t seen it already – you can also see the gallery of Jason’s work on the 2013 We Day Saskatoon show in our portfolio.

Jason is already in the design process for the next We Day tour starting in Toronto this September.