Reverse Collaboration


Unlike any dance show ever produced, Robert Sondergaard’s Reverse Collaboration project was a reversal of the typical production and creative processes — developing the lighting and environment design first and then adding in choreography as the final piece.

The Reverse Collaboration concept was the culmination of an annual project called “Today in the Theatre”, produced by MovEnt, that brought choreographers and lighting designers together to explore lighting without the pressure of crafting a show.

This new project sought new ways to improve the collaboration process between lighting designers and dance choreographers. Most productions typically start with the choreography and add layers of lighting, sound, costumes and set pieces to enhance the production. However, these additional design elements are often forced to play catch up with the choreography to become a bigger part of the show and in many cases, the lack of time or monetary resources lead to designs that are not fully realized. By developing a show through reverse collaboration, Sondergaard, as the lighting and production designer, took the lead creative role. His process began by choosing a piece of music and then designed a lighting environment, with equipment provided by Martin Professional, Christie Lights, and Electric Aura’s own fixtures.

Creative Team
  • Conceived and Created by: Robert Sondergaard
  • Producer: Julie-anne Saroyan, MovEnt ( )
  • Choreographers : Karissa Barry & Thoenn Glover
  • Dancers: Jessica Wilkie, Elya Grant, Sophia Wolfe, Alex Tam
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